[3 Reasons] Why USB Block Erupters Are Great For Bitcoin

1)Raise Awareness

USBBlockErupter [3 Reasons] Why USB Block Erupters Are Great For Bitcoin

Colorful Bitcoin mining rigs that fit in the palm of your hand.

These USB Block Erupters are vibrant and eye-catching. Colorization is the same way Apple generated interest and sales in the new ipod nanos. They’re cute, accessible, and affordable displays of mining which make a better news story the typical ugly black 60Gh/s monster ASIC server which only a hacker would recognize as interesting or impressive. The majority of people wouldn’t know if 60Gh/s was slow, fast or normal because they would have no knowledge reference to compare to. A hobbyist doesn’t spend 20k on an ASIC to be delivered in 6 months and those were the only options before the USB Block Erupters went for sale. Then all of a sudden there was an option for around $150 that would make back its cost in Bitcoins on average within its lifetime. It almost feels like not paying anything because you earn all your money back. and helps the Bitcoin community prosper. USB Block Erupters are the best way to cheaply get your feet wet and really understand and interact with Bitcoins.

bitcoinchart 1024x417 [3 Reasons] Why USB Block Erupters Are Great For Bitcoin

Recent Bitcoin activity.

Let’s face it, between the $288 spike and rampant the media attention(positive and negative) its evident now that the number of hobbyists far outweighs the hardcore miners. This is a good thing! Now that anyone can take part, the network is much better off and there is more money in the Bitcoin economy. Help Bitcoin newbies whenever you can and introduce people to the concept whenever appropriate to spread the word and grow the community. A USB Block Erupter makes a great gift to get someone new involved(see: Obsessed) on Bitcoins.

2)Decentralizes Mining Networks

bitcoinnetwork [3 Reasons] Why USB Block Erupters Are Great For Bitcoin

The Bitcoin protocol is gloabally distributed. Its peer2peer nature means it can’t be shut down by government authorities or hackers.

Every new IP address mining blocks and solving hashes expands and stabilizes the network which makes the protocol less vulnerable to hackers and manipulation. Its a slow process to change the paradigm and bring in a new way of doing things. It once took thousands of years before certain tools were adopted by the world. Then mail came around and patents made it more like a decade or two. Now we have the lightning-fast internet where when an idea as revolutionary as Bitcoin gets around it can set the new benchmark for how quickly things can change. This only happens however, if everyone does their part to help expand the usability network and bring Bitcoin into efficient daily use.

[Build you own mining rig]

3) Newbie Friendly

Bitcoinmeme [3 Reasons] Why USB Block Erupters Are Great For BitcoinThe USB Block Erupters are entirely plug and play devices. No programming, no extra components, no assembly. All you do is plug the USB into your computer and run any one of the many free Bitcoin miner programs from your desktop. No other mining option will ever be easier or more efficient than an ASIC USB Block Erupter, guaranteed. Once installed you have a cost effective mining machine and talking point just churning away attached to your computer minting you anonymous money, stabilizing the network, and raising Bitcoin awareness in the process.

[If you or someone you know if infected with Newbie-ism]

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